Tom Glover - Stand Up Comic

Hello and welcome to the website of the virtually unknown comic Tom Glover. On the UK comedy circuit since 2010 Tom has avoided the bright lights of TV panel shows in favour of the best and worst (in fact, any) clubs, tents, pubs, theatres and fields that Britain has to offer.

Following in the footsteps of the westcountry’s finest comedy talent, Tom has been growing in the dark depths of the south west where he is a regular MC and headliner for those rooms no-one else can afford to drive to.

Gigging to everyone from students to the ladies of the WI this plucky 27-year-old has developed a knack of winning over any crowd with his tales of life on the outside and his observations on the minutiae of the everyday. And if that’s not your thing he also does funny accents and pulls silly faces.

In all honesty he is “going to be a comedy monster”(Matt Price, Comic) and “deserves to go a long way”(Steve Hall, We Are Klang) for his “wickedly funny, beautifully timed observations”(View From Newspapers).

Come along to a show and see for yourself by clicking on that button at the top. Or, if you don’t trust him, let’s face it he probably wrote all this himself, then watch a video clip first.